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Hi, I am Massyve

Music Production and Sound Design are my passions. Finding your music identity is my talent. Getting in tune with an artist or a project, having a global vision, and an understanding of how to produce a project, are skills that a producer must have to do his job. Listen to my works and contact me for info and questions you need. ---------------Book a call or a chat via Telegram Signal or Messenger in realtime to tell me about your project and needs.

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I am a professional music producer, sound designer with 15 years of experience.

In my music career I have worked with a wide variety of artists on many different music genres.

I studied music and piano for 4 years and I always have been in love with the synthesizers since I was 12 years old, to create sounds starting from a simple waveform make the most of oscillators filters, envelopes and effects.

In 2011 I have started my own business as a producer after I had worked for 5 years as employed in 3 record studios in Europe.
I was lucky for this opportunities, because I learned so much working on beautiful and international music projects.
In those times I realized that my best skill is to understand and imagine the global vision of a project before starting.

In 2019 my production “SPIRITUAL PROJECT – O’ FORTUNA” was included as official soundtrack in “6 UNDERGROUND” american movie directed by Michael Bay with Ryan Reynolds on NETFLIX.

The track is a remix of the famous opera CARMINA BURANA – O’ FORTUNA part of a project with 5 tracks called SPIRITUAL PROJECT – THE E.P avaiable on all digital stores and playable on the home page.

In 2020 I produced for a company of the TESLA MOTORS group a concept music track for commercial

My Skills are :

Consulting, Sound Design, Composition, Programming, Production, Remixing, Mixing and Mastering.

Soft skills are :
Good ability in understanding the project and getting in tune with the artist, manager, agency.

Listen to my music and book a 30 minutes chat via Sms, Signal, Telegram, Messenger to meet me and receive a free consulting on your project and needs.

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