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About me

Music production and sound design are my passions. Producing in TOP LEVEL QUALITY is the most important thing for me. Getting in tune with an artist understanding the project is my talent.

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Why should you hire me?


Because you won't pay the recording studio to get a top-class production, but only my work.

Let me understand your project and I will produce it exactly you thought it. Tell me your dream in the chat below.


Because you will have your music tracks produced exactly as you dreamed.

The best workflow for creating and producing your next Hit. If you are a deejay, get that sample remade you dreamed of remixing.


Because you will have more solutions made to get your track published

1 - More than 3.000 record labels are waiting your music.
2 - Spread your music on all digital platforms in the world (Spotify, Apple, Amazon Google Play, Deezer and more).


Because I work with a marketing team to find the best strategy to get your track discovered.

The best professionals in marketing strategies with all the digital tools and know-how to get your music discovered and streamed around the world.

Music productions

Official movie soundtrack

Music production for TESLA Motors

Original n.1

My remix n. 1

Original n. 2

My remix n. 2

A short preview on how I work


Are you are a deejay / deejay producer ?

1. Tell me about your projects via email or chat.

2. Then we will have a videocall to talk about them.

3. If you are a deejay producer, you can send me your projects or steems to finish.

4. If you are just a deejay, we can talk about your ideas and can exchange reference links to produce your ideas exactly as you want them.


Are you are a singer / songwriter / composer ?

I travel a lot, so I work mostly on line, unless we are in the same country at the same time.

What equipment do you own ? If you have a pc/mac sound card, condenser microphone, we can start right now !

If you don't have any equipment no problem, I can book a record studio in your area just to record.

The most important step is the final result, which I will do remotely, getting the music exactly as you want it.

Pilot Projects And Demos

Listen carefully. Each track has an usual name but the sound design does not.


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